Jo Crompton is best known for her work as property and interior photographer and has over 10 years experience specialising in property photography.  Jo has a passion for interior design and an attention to detail and will always ensure a interior space looks its best before photographing it.  Using professional lighting equipment and advanced techniques in post production, Jo creates interior images that look natural and beautiful.  Jo takes both full room images, as well as atmospheric details that emphasis key selling points.  Jo offers styling services and also collaborates with interior stylists and designers. 

A range of property photography packages and services are available, ideal for holiday cottage owners, estate agents, magazines and individuals who wish to market their home.

Jo offers a number of specialist external property photography services, including twilight photography and elevated exterior photography

Twilight property photography is ideal if you want to increase bookings for your holiday accommodation in winter or if you’re selling a property in winter.  Twilight and dusk photos make homes look cosy and inviting and can make a property listing stand out.  

Jo also offers elevated pole photography up to eight meters high.  Elevated photography can be beneficial if your property is in scenic setting or if you have views to the rear which cant be seen from the front at street level.  Jo uses a pole rather than a drone as this allows her to use professional cameras and lenses and capture high quality considered images. 


Jo offers a range of commercial photography services, including business portraits, product photography and commercial interior photography.  She can provide you with a visual overview of your business, including images of your premises, team and your product or services. 

Jo also work with hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes throughout Cumbria and the Lake District on both interior and food & drink photography.  A tabletop studio facility is available for food and small product photography, as well as portable studio equipment for location work.